mes pensées éparpillées

scattered thoughts from a european adventure

Thanksgiving, performing, and lots of sunshine

Hi everyone!

It’s December now…but what’s difficult to comprehend is the fact that I’m listening to Christmas songs saying “the weather outside is frightful” which I’m so used to…when I spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the beach!  I’m enjoying the mild weather and the sunshine while my friends from home post snowy photos on Facebook.

But back to one of my highlights of November: Thanksgiving dinner! I think I ate the most that I’ve ever eaten at Thanksgiving, I was a little overzealous.  The dinner was hosted by two American missionaries from the church I attend. The other nationalities represented that evening were friends from France, Lebanon, Portugal and Columbia! Unfortunately this photo is missing one of the hostesses because she was taking the picture.

IMG_0718Next exciting thing: my dear friend Kyrie from home came from Dublin to visit me for the weekend! I got to be a tourist in Nice all over again, it was fantastic 🙂 Since she doesn’t speak French and I talk with my friends in French 90% of the time, I got to hear their English that I’ve never heard before. It was entertaining 🙂 They were great sports.  We also went to the Marché de Noël (Christmas Market) in Nice which has a Ferris Wheel, ice skating rink, crêpes, mulled wine and lots of lights!  Before she left we spent the 1st of December soaking up the sun on the beach. Incredible!

62351_10202766112098979_1028879572_nIMG_0742857000_574117125994904_1637680258_oThen I went to some classes, wrote some papers, and finally received my food stipend! Getting 1000 euros at one time is very overwhelming. Naturally I treated myself with a trip to H&M.

One of my favorite memories so far was last night, when I got to perform at a concert with some great guys from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland and Vietnam.  The capacity that music has to bring people together is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t give my camera to anyone to take pictures, but I do have some pictures of us rehearsing and a friend posted a picture from the concert to Facebook already.

A bientôt,


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