mes pensées éparpillées

scattered thoughts from a european adventure

Wow my blog is close to 1000 hits!

Hi everyone!
A week ago I returned from a great but chilly weekend in Geneva with some of my American friends 🙂  Truth be told, there is a lot to see in Geneva but finding those places is the tricky part.  Everything is quite spread out, compared to Nice where most of the touristy activities are near each other.  The first day Kyrie and I explored and mastered the public transportation system.  That night we went to this cool area of town called Carouge and saw a concert with some incredible Quebecois musicians.  The picture below is one of the bands that performed.  The woman was singing (Jorane, by name) and playing cello at the same time. It was incredible!

ImageSaturday morning we saw some markets and meandered along the Lake, which is a beautiful color of aqua blue.  We went to the Cathedrale de Saint-Pierre which holds a lot of history of the Protestant Reformation and John Calvin in Geneva.  Also, its tower is the highest point in the city, so we paid 5 francs to climb a mountain of stairs and get a beautiful view of the city. Unfortunately Saturday and Sunday were very cloudy so we could barely see the Alps. Next we went to Maison Tavel, the oldest house in Geneva which has been converted into a free museum.  We also saw the longest bench in the world and took a detour to the park.  Later that evening we cooked some pasta in the microwave of our hostel (there was no stove or oven!) to curb our hunger because eating in Geneva is super expensive! (Thank you Kyrie for bringing the pasta! I did my part by bringing the chocolate.)  Then we went to this restaurant out on a pier on the lake and ate some very tasty cheese fondue.  Then we checked out a few pubs in the Old Town as well as this British pub near our hostel which had a live band playing oldies music. Kristina and I were entertained…Kyrie not so much.


Sunday, I finally got to see the Jet d’Eau on the lake so that was fantastic! Then Kyrie and I made the rounds to see the United Nations building as well as a human rights museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.  Then we explored the Botanical Garden which was incredible! We saw a lot of exotic animals, plants and…rocks. That was one of my favorite parts of Geneva.  One other cool part about Geneva is that there are small boats that cross the lake as part of the city’s public transport system so that was great! Almost like being back home in Minnesota.

IMG_0634 IMG_0673

Since Geneva I have continued to have a grand time in Nice. Contrary to what I thought, brisk autumn weather does exist here, and at night the temperature is usually in the low 40s.  But that’s nothing compared to the freezing temperatures I see in the Minnesota forecasts! That’s all for now.


A bientôt,


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