mes pensées éparpillées

scattered thoughts from a european adventure

Alia is in another airport…

Hey everyone!
Sorry there won’t be any photos because I’m quickly blogging while waiting to board my flight to Geneva for the weekend!
But first, last weekend. Last weekend I was in Aix en Provence for a retreat with other university students from the region. It was a wonderful time, and definitely demanded more brainpower than a normal weekend because I was constantly surrounded by french and speaking french all day. I made a number of new friends as well and by the end of the weekend I was regarded as the singing American girl. Which is accurate! Aix is a charming city with lots and lots of luxury shops and fountains. I enjoyed the pedestrian streets and the mild weather 🙂 November in the south of France is like heaven compared to Minnesota!
Another thing to note: this week I ate American fast food for the first time since coming to Europe. I ate KFC with my French friends; I ate a “spicy” chicken sandwich that wasn’t spicy at all!
Well the plane will begin boarding in approximately 4 minutes so that’s all for now. I promise there will be pictures next time! Most people are probably friends with me on facebook, and there are 300some pictures so far on there. Wish me luck as I try to not go broke in Switzerland 🙂
A bientôt,


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