mes pensées éparpillées

scattered thoughts from a european adventure

Each day I fall more in love with this city, except on the bad days…

Hi Everyone!

Every day here is truly an adventure.  I had a fairly exhausting week because I got sick at the end of last weekend and I’m not recovering as quickly as I expected.  I experienced a little homesickness this week but I am really trying to value each precious day I have here.

Being a student here takes a lot of stamina. In a normal week I have approximately 30 hours of class, compared to the 20 hours a week I am used to at Hamline.  Sitting in 3 hour classes in French is becoming more natural and there is always a vending machine nearby where I can buy an espresso for 35 cents.  I’m becoming more confident in my French and I don’t have the same fear of talking with my French peers.  However, if a French person kindly says to me, “you can talk in English,” I’m very grateful.

This past weekend my friend Nicole who is studying nearby in Aix-en-Provence came to Nice for a weekend trip so we got to eat lunch and share our “Americans immersed in the south of France” stories. I went to the old Chateau on a hill which has the most beautiful view of the city and the sea. I’ve included some pictures below.


In this country it is extremely easy to make baguettes, nutella and apples the staples of one’s diet.  Therefore, one of my biggest accomplishments of the week was truly cooking a meal for myself…twice! Here is the photographic evidence of my the first meal I cooked:


The next big thing: I’m going on a daytrip this Saturday with other international students to Marseille, France’s second largest city!  I’m excited to explore a new place and spend time with some great people. Please continue to send good thoughts and prayers my way! 

À bientôt,



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