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It has already been a week in my new home!

Hi friends,

I’m not going to lie, my first week in Nice was a roller coaster.  It has been very frustrating and ironic that Wells Fargo suspended my account this week and thought that my ATM transactions were fraud, yet previously they did not notify me of a $915 suspicious purchase, which has been a thorn in my flesh for 3 weeks now without being resolved.  So money problems have caused most of my anxieties.  Otherwise, Nice is paradise. This is the view out my dorm window:


One thing I have experienced since arriving in France is administrative organization that is polar opposite to what I’m used to.  Here I have been expected to figure out a lot on my own, like where and when my classes take place and where to find things when there is no Target in sight.  I know that it’s good for me; sometimes I just have to eat some chocolate and say, “I’m in France now” and take it one day at a time.

Thank God in heaven that I haven’t been alone in this process.  There are 3 other Americans who are doing what I’m doing and the Université de Nice is 20% international students.  I have been meeting people every day, and it’s always nice to meet friends who want to speak English, HOWEVER I have gotten to practice French every day too.  It’s also my excuse to listen to people’s conversations on the bus, because I’m just working on my French vocabulary and sentence structure!  That’s another thing, I figured out how to navigate this town within the first few days so that was encouraging and a pleasant surprise.  I walk a lot more here than I’m used to at Hamline, walking 5 minutes to class.  Since I am taking a few classes at the “Faculté de Lettres” (School for Humanities) and most of my classes at the “Institut d’Administration des Entreprises” (Business Management school) 45 minutes away via public transportation, I will be getting used to taking everything at a little slower pace, which is really a blessing.

This weekend my friend Kaitlyn of many many years (we went to elementary-high school together) who is studying in Paris came to visit me in Nice.  We went to the beach, shopped on the “main street” of Nice, Jean Medicin, explored the Vielle Ville “old town” Nice, went to the Marc Chagall museum and went to the 2nd game in the brand new Nice football (soccer) stadium!  They even pulled off a win. It was a great time.


This week I actually start classes…which is really a bummer because I’ve just been having so much fun!

À bientôt,


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One thought on “It has already been a week in my new home!

  1. Jean Osman on said:

    What a spectacular view you have!!!!! I am sssooo happy that you are settled in where you will be for a while. And making new friends every day! Your Mom and Elayna came down yesterday to help with sorting and packing and getting rid of what will not go with me to Charter House. Amy, Uncle Jay, Neesha, and Ajay came as well. We got lots done. Some closets are empty but the garage is filling up to the point that I am having to park my car outside. I will be moving on Nov.1st Love you, Dear One!!!!! Gramma

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