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scattered thoughts from a european adventure

My two and a half weeks of gallavanting are ending…

Hey everyone,

I have spent the past week in the beautiful Czech Republic with beautiful people.  I explored three different cities: Šumperk, Olomouc and Praha.  My friends hosted me in Rapotín, a village just outside Šumperk with friends that I met through coming to the Czech Republic in 2010 on a missions trip.  I experienced the cities, mountains, trains, secondhand shops, H&M (…yeah), Budweiser (I didn’t know it comes from the Czech Republic), card games, many cups of espresso and reruns of Friends.

I spent most of the week with Jane, Miriam, their mom Dada and her friend Kristin visiting from the states as well.  On Tuesday I went with Jane to Olomouc, which is essentially a college town.  Jane goes to school there so we spent some time in the cathedrals and shops.  I went back to Olomouc on Friday to see another friend who lives there.  I wasn’t completely prepared for autumn in the Czech Republic because I mostly packed for sunny Nice.  Therefore, I borrowed scarves and jackets this week as well as buying a light jacket from a secondhand store in Šumperk.  For being a city of around 30,000 people they have a significant amount of secondhand shops! Here I am imitating a statue in Šumperk because I’m sassy like that…


The most adventurous part of the week was Wednesday when the sun showed its face so Dada, Kristin and I decided to go to the mountains for a little hike.  It took about an hour to drive there and we noticed it getting windier and cloudier. But we came prepared so we were walking up the mountain and hoping to see a nice view. But the weather was not conducive for that because it was extremely foggy. And then it started to sleet and snow. But we walked 3 km uphill anyways.  People coming down the mountain were literally saying, turn around, it will get worse!  But we made it to the restaurant at the top, and here is photographic evidence:


Today I took the train with my friend Verca from Šumperk to Prague and we walked around and saw the sites today.  It was a fabulous last day in the Czech Republic. Tomorrow I fly out at 9:00 am to somewhere warmer. I can hardly believe the day is here! I’m living the dream.


À bientôt,


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One thought on “My two and a half weeks of gallavanting are ending…

  1. Jean Osman on said:

    So DELIGHTED to hear about all the fun you are having and the lovely sights you are seeing with your european friends!!! Love you! Gramma

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