mes pensées éparpillées

scattered thoughts from a european adventure


Hey friends 🙂

Well, “Sláinte” means “Cheers” in Irish! I’ve been having a great time in Dublin; people are friendly and I am just loving being abroad.

Friday I walked around the city with Kyrie’s roommates and I got acquainted with Dublin convenience stores like SPAR and Penny’s.  We went to a couple pubs and I experience Guinness for the first time.  I enjoy it a lot which is nice because it’s basically the cheapest drink you can buy at any pub.  That night I slept in a hostel as well.  I heard at least 5 different languages while staying there.  The hostel was located in Temple Bar which is one of the rowdier sections of Dublin where lots of the younger crowd hangs out.

Yesterday (Saturday) I ventured to a farmer’s-market-like co-op with Kyrie’s roommates.  There were a lot of locals there and it was a fun atmosphere.  It was pretty cold and wet yesterday, so I finally wised-up and bought an umbrella.  At night we went to the International Bar to see a comedy show.  As anticipated, the Irish comedians didn’t have much of a filter but overall it was an enjoyable show.  Each of the different comedians wanted to talk about the US with the 5 Americans, so we didn’t blend in with the Irish very well that night.  After the show we found some pubs with live music which was a good time 🙂  We had decided before we went out that we wouldn’t be leaving in time to catch the bus home, so we walked home.  However since we’re all still new to Dublin we ended up walking longer than we anticipated, and I was wearing heels, so I have some blisters today. Here are Kyrie and I at the comedy show: (we had just walked in the rain…)Image

Today Kyrie and I attended a nondenominational church, and the people there were super friendly.  It was really great to see how faith brings people together who may not have anything else in common.  Afterwards we toured the Guinness storehouse (factory) where Arthur Guinness started making Guinness beer in 1759.  It was really intriguing and enjoyable. I even got to pour my own pint of Guinness from the tap! (see below)Image

Tonight we went out to some pubs to hear some live music and just enjoy my last night in Dublin.  Tomorrow evening I fly out to Charleroi, Belgium. I will then take a shuttle to the Brussels train station where I will take a train to Aachen, Germany to have a new European adventure!

À bientôt,


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2 thoughts on “Sláinte!

  1. I love being able to ‘follow’ you on your experience. Thanks for sending me that Hamline card. I have it on my refrigerator to remind me to pray for you.

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